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Hoshyar Nooshin


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Space Structures


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Space Structures

London University




Civil Engineering

Imperial College


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Civil Engineering

Technical University of TehranTehran, Iran  


  • Member of Materials Surfaces & Structural Systems

Selected Publications

  1. M.R. Chenaglou, H. Nooshin Estimation of semi-rigidity of connections in space structures using neural networks Proc. Asia-Pacific Conf. on Shell and Spatial Structures, ed. Tien T. Lan, publ. China Civ. Eng. Soc., Beijing, pp.238-246, May, 1996.
  2. K. Ishikawa, H. Nooshin Improving the regularity of subdivisions of geodesic domes using the traviation process Proc. Asia-Pacific Conf. on Shell and Spatial Structures, ed. Tien T. Lan, publ. China Civ. Eng. Soc., Beijing, pp.358-365, May, 1996.
  3. H. Nooshin A technique for surface generation Proc. Int. Symp. on Conceptual Design of Structures, ed. K.U. Bletzinger et al., publ. Inst. fur Konstruktion und Entwurf II, Stuttgart, pp.331-338, October, 1996.
  4. H. Nooshin, F.G.A. Albermani, P.L. Disney Novational transformations Int. Assoc. Shell and Spatial Structures Colloquium: Structural Morphology - towards the new millennium, Univ. Nottingham, August, pp. 38-50, 1997 ISBN 0-85358-064-2.
  5. H. Nooshin, P.L. Disney, O.C. Champion Computer-aided processing of polyhedric configurations Chapter 12 (pp.343-384) of Beyond the cube: the architecture of space frames and polyhedra ed. J.F. Gabriel, John Wiley & Sons, 1997 ISBN 0-471-12261-0.
  6. H. Nooshin, H. Tomatsuri, M. Fujimoto Scallop domes Proc. IASS Int. Assoc. Shell and Spatial Structures Symp 1997: Design, Performance & Economics, Singapore, 10-14 November 1997, vol 2, pp.651-660 ISBN 981-00-8905-8.
  7. H. Nooshin, K. Ishikawa, P.L. Disney, J.W. Butterworth The traviation process J. Int. Assoc. for Shell and Spatial Structures, vol. 38, no. 3, pp.165-176, 1997 ISSN 0304-3622.
  8. H. Nooshin Space structures and configuration processing Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials, vol. 1, no. 3, pp.329-336, 1998 ISSN 1365-0556.
  9. H. Nooshin, Y. Kuroiwa, P.L. Disney A genetric method for regularisation of structural configurations Proc. IASS Int. Assoc. Space Structures - from recent past to next millennium, Madrid, 20-24 September 1999.
  10. H. Nooshin, P. Disney Formex configuration processing I Int. J. Space Structures, vol. 15, no. 1, pp.1-52, 2000 ISSN 0266-3511.
    O. Baverel, H. Nooshin, Y. Kuroiwa, G.A.R. Parke Nexorades Int. J. Space Structures, vol. 15, no. 2, pp.155-159, 2000 ISSN 0266-3511.

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