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Zong Woo Geem


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 Structural Engineering


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 Chung-Ang University



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 Korea University



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 The Johns Hopkins University




Groups and Associations

 Papers Published



  •  Faculty in Energy IT
  •  Gachon University
  •  March 2012Present (1 month) South Korea

Groups and Associations

  • Civil Engineering Central Group 
  • Water Distribution System Professionals

Papers Published

  1. Mehmet Polat Saka , I. Aydogdu , O. Hasancebi , Zong Woo Geem: Harmony Search Algorithms in Structural Engineering. Computational Optimization and Applications in Engineering and Industry 2011: 145-182
  2. Zong Woo Geem: Recent Advances In Harmony Search Algorithm Springer 2010
  3. Zong Woo Geem: State-of-the-Art in the Structure of Harmony Search Algorithm. Recent Advances In Harmony Search Algorithm 2010: 1-10
  4. Zong Woo Geem, Kwee-Bo Sim: Parameter-setting-free harmony search algorithm. Applied Mathematics and Computation 217(8): 3881-3889 (2010)
  5. Zong Woo Geem: Research Commentary: Survival of the Fittest Algorithm or the Novelest Algorithm? Int. J. of Applied Metaheuristic Computing 1(4): 75-79 (2010)
  6. Zong Woo Geem: Harmony Search for Multiple Dam Scheduling. Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence 2009: 803-807
  7. Zong Woo Geem: Global Optimization Using Harmony Search: Theoretical Foundations and Applications. Foundations of Computational Intelligence (3) 2009: 57-73
  8. Zong Woo Geem: Harmony Search Applications in Industry. Soft Computing Applications in Industry 2008: 117-134
  9. Zong Woo Geem: Novel derivative of harmony search algorithm for discrete design variables. Applied Mathematics and Computation 199(1): 223-230 (2008)
  10. Zong Woo Geem, Jeong-Yoon Choi: Music Composition Using Harmony Search Algorithm. EvoWorkshops 2007: 593-600
  11. Zong Woo Geem: Geometry Layout for Real-World Tree Networks Using Harmony Search. IICAI 2007: 268-276
  12. Zong Woo Geem: Optimal Scheduling of Multiple Dam System Using Harmony Search Algorithm. IWANN 2007: 316-323
  13. Zong Woo Geem: Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Sudoku. KES (1) 2007: 371-378
  14. Zong Woo Geem: Improved Harmony Search from Ensemble of Music Players. KES (1) 2006: 86-93
  15. Zong Woo Geem, Kang Seok Lee, Chung-Li Tseng: Harmony search for structural design. GECCO 2005: 651-652
  16. Zong Woo Geem, Chung-Li Tseng, Yongjin Park: Harmony Search for Generalized Orienteering Problem: Best Touring in China. ICNC (3) 2005: 741-750
  17. Zong Woo Geem: Harmony Search in Water Pump Switching Problem. ICNC (3) 2005: 751-760
  18. Joong-Hoon Kim, Chun-Woo Baek, Eung-Seok Kim, Zong Woo Geem, Moo-Jong Park: Harmony Search Algorithm: Application to Optimal Planning of Pipe Network Rehabilitation. Modelling, Simulation, and Optimization 2003: 147-152
  19. Zong Woo Geem, Chung-Li Tseng: Engineering Applications of Harmony Search. GECCO Late Breaking Papers 2002: 169-173
  20. Zong Woo Geem, Chung-Li Tseng: New Methodology, Harmony Search, its Robustness. GECCO Late Breaking Papers 2002: 174-178
  21. Zong Woo Geem, Joong-Hoon Kim , G. V. Loganathan : A New Heuristic Optimization Algorithm: Harmony Search. Simulation 76 (2): 60-68 (2001) 

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